LeeAnn Mallorie, Faculty

LeeAnn Mallorie is a web weaver whose passion is connecting business leaders with the wisdom of their bodies, so that they can thrive. She combines over 11 years of experience as an executive coach and corporate trainer, with 30+ years of practice in movement and mindfulness, to help mission-driven leaders walk their talk in the workplace. LeeAnn’s clients range from C-Level executives to high-potential, emerging leaders. She believes that lasting change starts in a leader’s physical body and has ripple effects in the communities and organizations they serve. 

LeeAnn began her corporate career at Learning as Leadership, a San Francisco based boutique consulting firm that specializes in uncovering the deeper emotional drivers that get in the way of successful, synergistic teamwork. From there she moved on to found Leading in Motion, where she currently serves as the CEO and lead facilitator. 

All of Leading in Motion’s programs include a somatic (physical) activity component, which brings the learning to life. Recently, LeeAnn returned to school to complete her second MA in the field of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, under Martin Seligman. She received her Master Somatic Coaching certification from the Strozzi Institute School of Embodied Leadership, where she now serves as part of the teaching faculty under Richard Strozzi Heckler. 

Her client list includes: Nasa, Capital One, Logitech, Lexis Nexis, M&T Bank, Pathfinder Bank, Shell Oil, Mattel, Enpro Industries, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the US Naval Air Systems Command.