Clark Kellogg, Designer

Clark focuses his work around hybrid uses of design strategy in communication, new media, organizational leadership, and facility design and planning. He began his career as an architect. His first real job was in the Design Arts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts where he helped launch a program of designers-in-residence in K-12 schools across the country. Shortly afterwards he moved to NYC and began working for architecture firms. As a project architect he realized that his clients needed something the firm did not offer: deep understanding and compassionate communication. Thus began his own firm, Kellogg Communication + Design in New York, working for a magical balance of dance and theater companies on one hand, and Fortune 500 corporations on the other. These included Paul Taylor, Merce Cunningham, Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane, The Performing Garage, The American Dance Festival, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, American Express, IBM, MasterCard, Nabisco, MTV, and more. In this phase of his career, Kellogg continued to use design thinking to solve an ever-widening scope of strategic issues for his clients.

Wanting to see if his ideas about communication + design could be applied to whole organizations, he sold his firm and became the Chief Creative Officer of The Nature Company responsible for product development, store design, catalogs, brand and marketing. Before long, Clark was asked to join State State Global Advisors (SSgA) – the largest investment management firm in the world. There, he became the first designer to sit on the Executive Committee of a Fortune 500 company. Kellogg continued to explore the communication + design landscape by creating the SSgA Innovation and Communication Lab which grew to be a 100+ person brand, communication and marketing studio located in three global sites and serving countries on five continents.

Escaping the investment world mostly intact, Kellogg began teaching what he had learned about design + communication at his alma mater, the UC Berkeley Department of Architecture while also directing brand strategy at Pentagram Design in San Francisco. In time, Kellogg began a small consulting practice where he could leverage the power of design + communication in the service of social design and environmental justice. Continuously seeking deeper understanding, Kellogg became a CEO coach, a master facilitator, a communications trainer and a writer. Today, these skills enhance the effectiveness of his work in three design disciplines: architecture, product design, and graphic design. Recognizing that great leaders, teams, and organizations choose to live in a powerful story, Clark has developed a highly innovative methodology for helping people build and tell seductive and compelling stories as a means of building identity and accomplishing goals.

In 2007, Clark became a Collective Invention partner. Today, Clark continues to teach, write and speak about design + communication. With his many years of experience, his insights into organizational communications and his ability to distill clarity from chaos are recognizable in the many forms of his work. Clark earned degrees in Environmental Design and Architecture at UC Berkeley and CCNY. He lives in Berkeley, California, where he and his wife Christina Kellogg, have raised two pretty-much grown children. Kellogg has been an avid sailor since he was nine years old.